Welcome to my Studio! Since so much of my art is created for children, the space has a whimsical Alice in Wonderland feel. There are 3 Mulberry trees with leaves that spread across the ceiling loaded with colorful berries. My soft sculpture bunnies and squirrels are dressed for a party. Elves, butterflies and birds that chirp are tucked into nooks and crannies to make the place come alive.

I have a number of little Mouse Houses that are sculpted from found objects.

The bunny puppet to the right has a finger trigger that allows her to talk. Her dress is hand smocked and she is wired so that she can stand or be placed in a pose.

Other bunnies have similar features, hats, shoes and details that make them unique.





The tree stump has a little house front complete with doors and windows as well as a set of stairs that are made of mushrooms.