Christie created “Bucky the Lucky Kentucky Colt” as mascot for the Kentucky Horse Park. The project included writing and illustrating the 24 page picture book. The story came straight from Christie’s childhood, growing up on a horse farm. In the story; Bucky overcomes his fears and as a
result meets new friends in the paddock. The Paddock’s Big Deal is the first of a series yet to be produced.

ISBN 97880982798201 - Published by Weber Group, Inc.

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Christie designed many functional features into the store-front trailer: The back door was a catalog of retail items that could be moved or removed because the individual items were magnitized to the door. LED lighting used to minimize heat, the interior shelving was designed to fit a specific sized box to maximize display and storage space. The wheels had horse shoe hub caps.

Christie designed the trailer and all of the graphics involved.

Christie single handedly developed the Bucky brand by creating the Bucky character, logo and all of the supporting graphics that took Bucky to market. Christie designed all the products within the Bucky line: a series of 4 shirts, embroidered ball cap, charm, charm and bracelet, shorts, clip-clop-flip-flops, the Bucky plush, posters, stickers, tattoos, storybook, coloring book and “kick-in-the pants shorts.”
Gift bags in brown kraft with labels
Hang Tags

Charm and Charm with Bracelet Labels

T-shirt bands and Shorts bands
Above is the signage that went over the top of the Horse-Trailer Below is the art designed for the back gate catalog with retail products as magnetic panels able to add, remove and replace as needed.
Below are signs applied to areas of the trailer. The show schedule also used magnetic signs for the individual times to be changed.
2 pop up signs were designed and placed before the trailer from both directions.